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Forged from the mold of classic Blues and R&B has emerged a group who seamlessly fuses past with present in a way that none have done before. Through his meticulous study of acts such as T-Bone Walker, Otis Rush, and Jimmy Dawkins, guitarist/writer Julian Harris has molded his own natural abilities: casting them in a modern interpretation of these titans of the Blues. Taking inspiration from the classic songwriting styles of Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding, and James Brown, to name a few, singer/songwriter Julia Camayd has worked tirelessly to hone her skills as a musician and lyricist. As a vocalist, she trained for years in the classical and chorale traditions, which she brings to bear on her modern interpretations of Gospel, Blues, Swing, Folk Rock, R&B, Jazz improv, and other modalities, with a Billy Holiday attitude and echoes of Janis Joplin, and yet uniquely herself. Through their combined songwriting talents and abilities Julian and Julia have teamed up to create a band that not only pays homage to those who have come before but strives to frame the standard for contemporary R&B.

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